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What costs are involved in owning a spa?

Filter cartridges will need to be changed every 2-3 days depending on usage, new ones are not required every time as it is possible to clean cartridges in hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Chemicals will be required to keep the water sanitised.

Energy consumption can be affected by a few factors, firstly if your PureSpa will be kept outside then the ambient temperature will affect your spas energy usage, as when it is cooler the heating system will need to work more to maintain the set temperature. If you use the PureSpa™ during the winter period, it will use more energy than in the height of summer. Intex do recommend that once the outside temperature falls below 4°C (39°F) the PureSpa is packed away and stored indoors.

Another factor is the energy tariff that you are on, it is a good idea to make sure you are on the most cost-effective electricity tariff to help keep running costs down.

If the PureSpa™ is only going to be used at the weekends it is probably a good idea to reduce the temperature by a few degrees so that the water is not being heated so often then increase the temperature a few hours before use.

One way to reduce energy consumption would be to fit an Energy Efficient Spa Cover which is available to fit the 4-person round PureSpa™. (Link to the Accessories cover)

The water in the PureSpa™ will also need to be changed, the frequency will depend on your usage and the quality of the water. Anybody on a water metre would need to investigate this.

How quickly does the PureSpa™ heat up?

4 Person – 2-3°F / 1.5°C-2.5°C per hour
6 Person – 1-2°F / 1°C-2°C per hour
8 Person – 0.8-1.5°F / 0.8-1.5°C per hour

Can I keep my spa up all year round?

Intex recommend that once the temperature outside falls below 4°C (39°F) the PureSpa is not used and is stored indoors for the winter.

Do I need a cover for my PureSpa™?

The PureSpa™ has a cover included with an inflatable bladder insert that minimise any heat loss. Also available for the 4 person PureSpa™ is the Energy Efficient Cover which can improve the energy efficiency by as much as 50%.

What accessories are available for my INTEX PureSpa™?

There is a range of accessories available to enhance your experience, just click on the Accessories section on our website for the full list.

Can I buy replacement parts for my INTEX PureSpa™?

If your PureSpa™ is outside of the warranty period, then replacement parts can be purchased by clicking on the ‘Spare Parts’ tab and this will take you through to our Intex Wetset website.

How do I know if my INTEX PureSpa™️ has a valid warranty?

If your PureSpa was purchased through the John Adams Leisure Ltd PureSpa™ website, then you have a 2-year warranty that runs from the date of your original purchase.