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Operation & Maintenance

How do I drain my PureSpa?

1. Turn off the spa control unit
2. Connect the drain valve adaptor to a garden hose and point the other end of the hose to a suitable draining area
3. Remove the drain valve cap from the outside of the spa tub and attach the drain valve adaptor to the drain valve
4. From inside of the spa tub, open the drain valve cap so water can flow out from the garden hose
5. Once water stops draining, disconnect the spa control unit from the tub. Lift the spa tub wall from the side opposite the drain, leading any remaining water to the drain and emptying the spa completely.
6. If storing the tub for winter attach the inflation hose to the air blower inflating outlet on the control unit, tur on the spa and press the bubble button, aim the inflation hose at the inlet/outlets on the spa tub and the spa control unit to dry out any water in the piping system. Then using a clean towel to wipe up any remaining water and moisture in the spa tub and spa control unit. It is important to ensure that the tub and control unit are thoroughly dried before packing away.
7. If refilling, detach the drain valve adaptor and hose and refit the drain valve cap on the outside and inside of the tub.

How do I repair a hole in the Spa Tub or the Inflatable Bladder inside the Cover?

Fabric repair patches are available to match the tub and bladder, these can be used in conjunction with a PVC or silicone-based glue. Test the glue on a small part of the patch before applying to the tub or bladder.

How do I clean my PureSpa?

If there is dirt visible in the tub water or the water becomes cloudy despite having the correct chemical levels, change the water and clean the spa tub using a sponge and mild soap solution on any dirty marks or stains on the inside spa wall. Rinse thoroughly before refilling with clean water.

The cover should be cleaned inside and outside periodically using a sponge and a suitable solution that includes adequate disinfection (10mg per litre of free chlorine).

Check the inflatable bladder and clean as above if necessary.

Inspect the spa cover regularly for leaks, premature wear and tear, damage, or signs of deterioration. Never use a worn or damage cover as it will not provide the level of protection required to prevent unsupervised access to the spa by a child.

IMPORTANT: Do not use steel wool, hard brushes, or abrasive cleaners